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Several factors determine the cost of your curbing, this includes linear footage, size of curb, colors, stamping, carving, layout, labor and property issues.  Everything is taken into account when determining your total cost.  Basic gray slant style curbing starts at $8.00 per ft, but your specific property will be unique and must be looked at individually.

Please fill out our estimate form so we can get an accurate quote based on your needs and wants.


Residential Size

4 by 6_edited.png

* All curb listed above is residential size.

Commercial Size

5 by 6_edited.png

* Add $2.00 per Linear Foot to all above pricing for commercial curb. 

To remove existing curb there will be $4.00 per foot charge for all curb removed.


Labor charges will apply, estimated labor is estimated on the time it could take to do the job from start to finish. Borderline Custom Curbing understands that some jobs could take more or less time. Customers will only be charged from start time to end time. 

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