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Customers Checklist

  1. Mark Sprinkler Heads:​

    • Use marking flags or stakes to clearly identify the location of each sprinkler head, this includes front, back, and sides of house.

    • Ensure that the markings are visible and won't interfere with curbing install.

    • Borderline is NOT responsible for marking or identifying sprinkler heads.

    • There will be a $300 dollar charge if we have to come back out to the customers house and dig out sprinklers due to customer not marking heads. 

  2. Pick Up Dog Poop:

    • Carefully inspect the yard, focusing on areas where your dog typically relieves itself.

    • Remove any dog waste from back yard, we know you don't like stepping in dog poop and we don't either

    • Borderline is not responsible for picking up your dogs poop.

    • There will be a $300 dollar charge if we step in your dogs poop

  3. Yard Maintenances: 

    • Your yard need to be mowed before your install, this includes front yard, back yard and side yard. 

    • All kids toys ,patio furniture need to be removed from areas that curbing is going to be installed.  

    • Bush need to be trimmed back if bushes are over growing were curbing in being installed.

    • Clean any debris or dirt accumulated on the curbing.

    • Remove weeds or unwanted plants growing in location to where curbing is going to be installed. 

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