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Care & Maintenance 

How do I Care for my New Curb?

Once it's on your property, you own it!

1)  When we install your curbing, great care is taken that the product is perfect when we leave.  We walk the property to make sure nothing has happened that needs attention.  If we accidentally scraped the curb when cleaning we have the tools to fix before leaving.  I doesn't make sense for us to leave and not fix it.  Once we drive away whatever happens to the curb is not our responsibility.  If a dog walks on it, neighbor kids scratch it, or you drop something on it, it's out of our hands.    This type of product just can't be patched.  Your property will be video taped upon leaving to ensure that the curbing is perfect when we leave.

2)  DO NOT do anything around the curb for 48 hours after install which also means leaving your sprinklers off for at least 24 hours.  The curb may look and feel hard but can still be scratched or crumble with heavy pressure.  Rakes, shovels, and hoes and can easily damage.

3)  Curb just doesn't crumble or fall over on it's own.  To send us a picture 2 hours later of curb that has fallen apart doesn't hold water, especially when you can see a footprint....

What are my responsibilities as a homeowner?

Sprinklers and drainage.


1)  As a crew we try our very best to put drainage cuts into the curb in the right areas to allow water inside the curb to drain away.  THESE DRAINS ARE ONLY FOR DIRECT RAIN!!! All the water from the roof needs to be directed outside the curb.  EX.  extending your downspouts over the top or using the black pipe to get water away.  Even though you have drainage cuts in the curb doesn't mean it can handle all the water from the roof before it pools up next to the house and gets into the house or basement.  It's the homeowners responsibility to protect the house.  IF YOU DON'T BLOW OUT YOUR SPRINKLERS IN THE FALL AND THEY FREEZE, DO YOU BLAME THE LANDSCAPER WHO PUT THEM IN?  IT'S COMMON SENSE.

2)  Be aware that when curb is installed your existing sprinklers may be inside the curb and may need to be adjusted or raised.  Most sprinklers shoot over the curb with no issues but sometimes and adjustment is needed.  It's not our responsibility to do this, we install curb not sprinklers.

The most important thing to remember as a homeowner when it comes to curbing is to allow water to drain away from the house.  You must take the advice from us so you don't have issues.

Do I need to do anything to Maintain?

If your curb is colored it will need to be reseal.

1)  If you chose to have normal curb put in (concrete color), you will not need to do anything to it as gray curb doesn't get sealed.  Anything with color has been sealed and will need to be resealed to keep the colors fresh.  This may not need to be redone every year as it is up to the owner as to how glossy he wants the curb or how dark.  When acrylic sealers break down with UV rays they lose their luster and will seem like the color fades.  It's not the color, it's the sealer.  They won't peel off or disappear, they just need to be resealed.  If someone tells you they have a "10" year sealer I would call "BS" on that.  If that was true every single concrete company in the country would be using this as they wouldn't have to reseal. We use industrial sealer made for concrete, the sealer can says 2 YEARS we say 1 1/2 years in direct sun light. Borderline does offer a reseal program, if a customer choose to have a reseal done by Borderline Custom Curbing it will be a $2.00 per foot charge for reseal.



1). If the reseal is done by any other company the and the curb is damaged it is not our fault.  

2). If customer uses sealer from a big box store or home and garden store this will VOID the warranty on our reseal . Home and Garden store sealer has a "YELLOW" tent in the sealer this will change the entire color of the curb. Please don't make this mistake and try to save money or cut corners, call us and we will provide you with sealer we use. 

Mowing, Edging, and Preventative Maintenance

Common sense is required!

Although landscape curbing is extremely durable and will last a very long time, it does not have the same PSI or Tensile strength as concrete from a batch plant.  The aggregates used in this product are similar to a mortar mix which doesn't have rock mixed in for strength.  Fine sands  are used along with certain chemicals and additives for workability and strength.  Push mowers and riding lawn mowers can drive over curbing with no problems.  Issues arise when mower decks are too low or care isn't taken when passing over the top.  Concrete can be scratched by metal, no different than taking a screwdriver to a sidewalk.  Weed eaters don't create any problems with curbing unless your using a metal blade, (obvious)... Driving over curbing with large tractors or vehicles is an absolute no-no.  It's not the curb that's the problem it's the ground underneath.  If your large vehicle will leave ruts in the grass imagine driving over the curb and its sinks...  Common Sense.   

Everything mentioned above has been brought up as a warranty issue, it isn't that at all, its a negligence issue.  

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